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Beaver Run Rod and Gun Club

Membership in this club is a privilege.  Any member violating club rules or behaving in an unsafe or rude manner will be expelled from the club.

 The Beaver Run Rod & Gun Club, its officers and directors will not be held responsible for any injury to any member arising out of the use of the club’s facilities.  It is the responsibility of all members and their guests to conduct him or herself in a safe manner while using the club’s facilities.  It is mandatory you read all range rules and signs prior to using any of the club’s properties.


  1. All bullets must impact the bank.
  2. Only paper targets are allowed on the range.  No cans, bottles, clay pigeons, CDs, wood blocks, frying pans, propane tanks etc. may be used as targets.
  3. All targets must be placed on the target boards.  This includes the rifle, pistol and shot gun ranges.
  4. No shotguns are permitted on the pistol range.  Use shotgun range ONLY.
  5. No handguns firing shot shells are permitted on the pistol range.
  6. We provide back boards to serve as target holders. Do not shoot the target holders. Any member violating this rule is subject to expulsion from the club.
  7. Membership cards must be in your possession, when using club property and shown upon request along with proof of identification if requested. Any member loaning his or her membership card to another person will be expelled from the club.
  8. Alcoholic beverages, intoxication, disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and are prohibited on any range. 


  1. Unload all firearms, open actions and declare the line safe before going forward of the firing line.
  2. When someone is forward of the firing line; no handling of firearms, this includes casing/uncasing and cleaning of firearms.  Actions must be open.  Looking through firearm scopes is forbidden.
  3. Keep firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times.  A safe direction is into the ground, at the target or into the bank.
  4. All shooting must be into the target boards.  No shooting toward the club/lot.
  5. Rifle shooters; do not close actions until the muzzle is pointed at the target boards.
  6. Shooting at targets on the ground is not permitted.  Shooting at aerial targets is not permitted.
  7. All shooting must be done from behind the firing line.
  8. Treat every gun as if it is loaded.
  9. No fully automatic firearms are allowed.
  10. Please clean up the area after use, including all brass.
  11. Persons less than 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  12. Eye and ear protection should be used.

 Range Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility
If you see someone acting in an unsafe manner, politely mention it to them, referring to the appropriate range rules.  If you can identify the person(s), please call and leave a message at the club or contact one of the club officers.

Our safety and the future of the club depend on all its members following these rules.


  1. Guests are allowed inside the club.  You MUST sign your guest(s) in opening entering the club.
  2. Only members can be served alcohol.  Your guest(s) cannot purchase alcohol.
  3. There is no smoking anywhere inside the club.  You must go outside to smoke.
  4. Daily/weekly sign up is for members only. Cost is $0.50 for each one.  Drawing is at 9:30pm each night.
  5. No club business should be discussed at the bar.  Club meetings are the first Sunday of each month at 1:30pm.  Social members are welcome to come listen, however only Active members can vote and sign in.
  6. All members are able to become Active members after one year of membership at the club. $5 fee to change status and applications are at the bar.
  7. ​By-laws are available for any member. You can find them on the club website or you can get a copy from the club.